An Intersectional Collaborative Social Justice Scholar

facilitatory Nocella as an educator has for the last 15 years provided more than 1,500 basic, advanced, and Training for Facilitators collaborative group-building workshops at youth centers, jails, prisons, detention facilities, schools, and college on topics such as negotiation, community circles, conflict transformation, peer-mediation, peace in schools, life skills to youth, hip hop, transformative justice, professional development, diversity and inclusion, environmental education, and curriculum design.
4th Annual 2016 National Week of Action Against Incarcerating Youth in Durango, Colorado

Induction Series 3 Course
Hamline University


trainer Nocella with 20 years of community organizing and Leadership experience has provided more than 500 basic and advanced trainings to youth, college students, teachers, unions, and international NGOs for more than a 1,000 organizations such as SEUI, Pax Christi, Greenpeace, Amnesty International, American Friends Service Committee, and Peace Action.

1st Annual International Hip Hop Activism Conference held at Augsburg College, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Minority Groups Course
Hennepin County Community College

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lecturer Nocella, an intersectional scholar and researcher, regularly gives presentations/lecturers/keynotes on the school to prison pipeline, diversity and inclusion, environmental justice, critical animal studies, disability studies, social movements, hip hop politics, peace and conflict studies, crime and social control.

Hip Hop Against Police Brutality Event organized by Save the Kids in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Human Relations/Multicultural Ed Course
St. Cloud State University