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The Lowrider Studies Reader: Culture, Resistance, Liberation, and Familia

Published Date: September 8, 2023

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The Lowrider Studies Reader: Culture, Resistance, Liberation, and Familia, the first book dedicated to lowrider studies in the world, is a powerful groundbreaking book that is a collection of writings from brilliant lowriders from inside and outside the academia speaking on lowrider history, teaching, pedagogy, culture, politics, society, justice, art, language, education, and importance within larger society. Lowrider studies, influenced by beautifully painted hydraulic cars and bicycles with chrome, gold, and murals and strolling slow and low with Dickie shirts and shorts, black low-top Chuck Taylors, and pulled up white socks, is a growing global field with an international influence and global cultural involvement. This book is a must for all Latina/o/x studies, Chicana/o/x studies, ethnic studies, sociology, and cultural studies programs. This interdisciplinary intersectional social justice book emerged out of the 1st Annual International Lowrider Studies Conference, a public free grassroots effort organized by Save the Kids. Like Hip Hop, lowrider culture is a space and place to divert violence, promote peace, and build familia. Read this book slow and low.


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