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Intersectionality of Critical Animal Studies: A Historical Collection

Published Date: October 30, 2019

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Intersectionality of Critical Animal Studies: A Historical ColleIntersectionality of Critical Animal Studies: A Historical Collection

Edited by Anthony J. Nocella II and Amber E. George

Intersectionality of Critical Animal Studies: A Historical Collection represents the very best that the internationally scholarly Journal for Critical Animal Studies (JCAS) has published in terms of articles that are written by public critical scholar-activists-organizers for public critical scholar-activists-organizers. This move toward publishing pieces about engaging social change, rather than high-theoretical detached analysis of nonhuman animals in society, is to regain focus for liberation at all costs. The essays in this collection focus on intersectionality scholarship within the realm of Critical Animal Studies, and discuss issues related to race, gender, disability, class, and queerness. Not only are these articles historically significant within the field of Critical Animal Studies, but they are integral to the overall social justice movement. Intersectionality of Critical Animal Studies: A Historical Collection should be read by anyone interested in the Critical Animal Studies field, as we consider them to be classic writings that should be respected as foundational texts. There are many interesting and innovative texts, but these are historical, not only because they were published in JCAS, but because they were among the first to publish on a particular intersectional issue.


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Intersectionality of Critical Animal Studies is an amazing and needed text within the field of critical animal studies. This collection of historical brilliant and cutting-edge essays truly capsulate what critical animal studies is.”―Peace Studies Journal

Intersectionality of Critical Animal Studies is a book that found our interest because it was not just about nonhuman animals or animal rights, but about total liberation, which includes racial justice, social justice, economic justice, gender justice, disability justice, sexuality justice, and environmental justice. This book will interest anyone concerned about their community and the world. This engaging powerful socio-political book will capture the minds of all social justice individuals.”―Transformative Justice Journal

Intersectionality of Critical Animal Studies is a powerful text that must be used in all animal law, intersectionality, social justice, critical animal studies, and liberation courses. Get this book and share it with others.”―Arissa Media Group

Intersectionality of Critical Animal Studies truly ‘bridges theory with action and academia with activism’ as 21 scholar-activists forward the field and fight for social justice. Intersecting queerness, disability, gender, class, and race, these chapters challenge the homogenization of animal studies and strengthen the work of all activists, especially those seeking to liberate humans and nonhumans from the myriad harmful policies we see today.”―Dr. Erik Juergensmeyer, Editor, Green Theory & Praxis Journal

Intersectionality of Critical Animal Studies is an unflinching yet deeply respectful deconstruction of the cruelly constructed barriers among and between human and non-human animals by scholar-activist authors; it comes at a crucial time in our history when benevolence and hope are acutely under siege.”―Dr. Judy K. C. Bentley, Associate Professor of Disability Studies and Inclusive Special Education, State University of New York College at Cortland

“When first published these essays smashed through the speciesist horizons that enamored mainstream academic and activist communities, and in doing so helped create the critical spaces upon which a truly intersectional politics of total liberation stands today. Read now, at a time of global crisis and darkening of the world, their messages still burn brightly and brilliantly, and carry with them the promise to inspire a new spirit of hope and solidarity in all who read them.”―Dr. Richard J. White, Reader in Human Geography, Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom; former Editor-in-Chief for The Journal for Critical Animal Studies (2009–2012)

Intersectionality of Critical Animal Studies comes at a time when the established structures, left unchanged, seek to reassert themselves. This ground-breaking collection gives both newcomers, and past enquirers alike, a chance to acquaint, and reacquaint, themselves with the crucial underpinnings of Critical Animal Studies and caste a light on the hierarchies of oppression it seeks to overthrow.”―Carolyn Drew, Senior Lecturer, University of Canberra College

Intersection of Critical Animal Studies is a brilliant collective of radical activist-scholarly essays that promote intersectional social justice for total liberation. This book will help all activists grow and become more effective in working toward justice for all.”―JR Bobik, Regional Coordinator, Save the Kids



  • Series: Radical Animal Studies and Total Liberation (Book 5)
  • Paperback: 318 pages
  • Publisher: Peter Lang Inc., International Academic Publishers; Critical, New edition (September 2, 2019)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1433163101
  • ISBN-13: 978-1433163104
  • Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.8 x 8.9 inches





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